Real Estate Website Case Study
K.M. Minemier & Associates - North Charleston, NC

This website features a robust back end to administer the many properties that come and go, as well as bidders, bidder interests, and more, K.M. Minemier & Associates needed to have a lot of custom reports at their finger tips to reply back to the county.

So we rolled up our sleeves and created a web application that not only suits their customers, but, to make life as easy as possible for staff.

That's the beauty of a custom website!

You can have exactly what you need, because sometimes, off-the-rack just won't do. 

Also included is;

  1. a full CMS for articles, 
  2. event listings
  3. custom Google map
  4. job application app
  5. custom CSV downloads
  6. graphical statistics reporting
  7. and, full user management system


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