Our Typical Client

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Our customers are good people
They truly are. We're all trying to get ahead, but, we do so with honesty and integrity.
You are a smaller company
Our typical customer ranges from one to fifty people. Though we do work for INC. 5000 companies, we feel every client is important. We know you feel that way about your company.
You don't want a freelancer
Small, but mighty, we have many of the advantages of a freelancer, as well as a traditional larger studio. Just the right size to take you seriously.
You are passionate about what you do
Good, we don't want somebody just looking to get something done because "they have to". This is a team effort and we are only as good as our partner.
You need a good partner
Someone who can help your business grow. Someone who can debate things with you, but, has the experience to know when to say OK.
You are budget conscience
Our customers are not the Coca-Colas of the world, and therefore need to make every buck count. Personally, we don't mind spending money if it makes us money, but, we always hate wasting money.
You want everything up front
No problem. Our written estimates are highly detailed and we're more than happy to explain things. When it comes to your business, we're totally transparent.
The company is in New England
While our customers are mainly in New England, we have worked for customers around the country.
You may not know a lot about web sites
Generally, it's not your job to be an expert on the Internet. Yet, you realize its' importance. We're always happy to teach you, and just the amount you want or need.

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