About Sullivan+Wolf Design

Since 1989, we have been providing a wide range of clientele, small to mid-size businesses in all sorts of industries, high-quality, affordable print and web design. Our company is based on input from our customers, what they need, and how they would like things done. Over the years, we have listened, and adapted our company to suit YOUR needs.

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We have been around a long time
Been around since 1989 and have been making web sites since 1995. (That's forever in Internet time)
We are a small team
Small, but mighty, we provide that personal service you need. A virtual company with a core of four people, we add additional talent as the situation rises. We never hire off-shore!
We are good listeners
We have spent decades listening to client needs and have developed our company around that. On every job, your communications are very important to us. It is your project after all, not our portfolio.
We have competitive rates
Not the cheapest, but much lower than our competitors of equal competency. We are always working on being more efficient, more knowledgeable, and what are the best tools to do the job. Everyone is a 1099, and thus, no "keep-busy" work is needed.
We have no sales people
You deal direct with us, no account executives to slow things down or adding to the cost.
We are versatile
We can handle your project soup to nuts, or any portion there of. Print, Design, Code, Photography, whatever you need.
We work in NH and New England
Our clients are mainly in NH, but we have worked with many customers in the Boston, MA area and throughout the country. Our customers don't mind we are way up in the mountains. They love our work and our cost. Besides, they love coming up to visit us.
We don't like fads
We've been in it for a long time and have seen a lot come and go. Our customers are budget conscience, so, our work needs to last a good long time. Yet, if you want something done, just let us know. Chances are, we can do it. And as always, we'll tell you the pros and cons of doing it.
We love our customers
During most projects, a strong sense of unity and bonding is created. We're in the trenches with you. Yes, at times we may not see eye to eye on every little thing, but, a strong partnership is created and in the end, we're all proud of what we have accomplished.

Meet the Owners

Donna Sullivan

Donna Sullivan (maiden name is Wolf) wears a few hats. She is in charge of all accounting, and handles a lot of maintenance work and various accounts, as well as writing, virtual assistance, and illustrations.

Her background includes education in illustration, painting, and photography. She has worked in some of New England's largest printers as a pre-flight specialist. Therefore, she not only designs a great deal of the print projects, but, is responsible for pre-flighting every print job.

Brian Sullivan

Brian started working in photography at Miller Studio in Quincy, MA in 1975 performing a variety of duties including photography, B&W and Color photo printing. He went on to manage several pro and amateur photo labs or departments. He authored a course, unique in the Country, for New England School of Photography, at age 25 on Photo Lab Management, and taught other courses there as well. Brian has worked with various professional photographers in the metro Boston, MA area as assistant or second-shooter and was a commercial photographer himself. He also photographed over 500 weddings for various Studios in the Boston area including the famous Bacharach Studios. Managing the lab at Maine Photo Workshop brought him in close touch with many of the World's best photographers of the time, even sharing a home with Ted Orland, Ansel Adam's assistant.

It was his experience as a commercial photographer and lab manager that gave him unique insight to the Marketing and Design industries, seeing all sides of the coin. Brian's up-bringing taught him the virtues of honesty, integrity and fairness. With this, he formed Photographic Solutions in 1989, which was renamed as Sullivan+Wolf Design in 1992.

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