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I was brought up understanding that with everything I do, my family name is behind it. It is my signature.
I was taught that if I didn't do my my job, jobs were at stake. Hardship will follow throughout the entire company. 
Being a Parent, a Grandpa, a member of a community, a business owner, this means a lot to me.
I'll never forget that from my folks and I will try as best as I can to live up to that.

Our goal is to make your dream come true, be fair and honest, and do things honorably.

Brian Sullivan, Owner


I had a customer call yesterday and place a $5000 order. He said he found us on Google, and that while we weren't the top listing, we had by far the most professional website. He chose to call us based on that.

Jay Buckley,

Growth Marketing Strategies, LLC

Sullivan and Wolf was a great fit for our need to present a more professional image. They understood our goals through careful listening and thoughtful questioning. The end product exceeded our expectations due to the numerous recommendations made by their talented team.

I would recommend Sullivan and Wolf to anyone looking to create or enhance their web presence.

Greg Ehrlich,
Growth Marketing Strategies, LLC


I am thrilled I chose Sullivan + Wolf for my website work. They were efficient, professional, and incredibly fun to work with, and they came up with a number of great ideas I never would have thought of on my own.

Jennifer Carsen,

*Carrier Store

We are a startup WEB based company and our site was up quickly and cost effectively. I think our problem was keeping up with material that was requested from Sullivan + Wolf since we had so many other projects underway with the startup.

Jon Winders,
Director Information Systems

Aero Fastener Co., Inc.

Aero Fastener had been looking for a web design company to re-design our website for years without success, for a multitude of reasons. We found your company and received not only yes's to the many questions we had, but also additional functionalities available to us we hadn't thought of. Our project came in under budget and exceeded expectations!

We will be keeping our work  with Sullivan and Wolf!

Great job!

Nicholas Avery,
Purchasing Manager

Goutiere Professional Business Services

Sullivan+Wolf gave the GPBS Web site crisp and consistent design throughout. Great use of white space and text headers help visitors quickly grasp the subject matter. Site navigation is easy and intuitive. Everything connects.

Savvy, professional and conscientious work from start to finish. Thank you, Sullivan+Wolf!

Ramona Goutiere,
Goutiere Professional Business Services

Whittemore Insurance

I enjoyed working with Sullivan and Wolf to design our new website. They told us what they could do for our budget and they delivered. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in having a site designed.

Stephen Hicks,
Vice President/Owner
Whittemore Insurance

Squam River Landing

Our site became a personal quest. As a result, we found it difficult to complete the content and provide Sullivan & Wolf with clear direction. Brian continually pushed us along closer and closer toward completion. In the end, our website truly represents the image and offers the information we were trying to communicate.

The feed back we have received from our visitors has been tremendously positive, easy to use and very unique. Many thanks to Brian for staying with us during the design process.

Barry Gaw,
Owner / Developer

Write Angle Marketing

Sullivan & Wolf produced a Web site for my company that exceeded even my high expectations. Their creativity, understanding of the needs of my business and professionalism was exceptional! I would recommend them to anybody anytime - except of course a close competitor!

Robert Conlin,

World Courier Ground

As usual, you succeeded at providing us with a site that distinguishes us from the competition.

Ed Hogan, 
Director of Marketing,
World Courier Ground

New England Presenters

Sullivan and Wolf made me look like a hero to my association. We'd never had a web site before and when I was asked to take it on, I knew I had to find someone to get me through it! Sullivan and Wolf made the experience easy for me and affordable to our non profit organization. The site is everything we need it to be and the design is professional and attractive. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Diane Jeffrey, 
Membership Chair,
New England Presenters

Bankable Frontier Associates

Thanks--you honored my desire and your initial commitment to get the site launched in good time.

David Porteous,

EZ Hold

Brian did a wonderful job for us for our client EZ Hold. He is not only a great designer, he is a thoughtful communicator. He designs materials that communicate effectively with the intended audience.

Bill Monigle,
Bill Monigle Associates


Starting from scratch, Sullivan and Wolf gave us a professional image that was instrumental in helping us bring in large clientele and land the big deals. They have been instrumental in every marketing move we did, Web Site design, Mailing pieces, Brochure creation, CD covers and even our letterhead and envelopes. The ideas and copy they generate are top notch and always generate rave reviews. As our company grew Sullivan and Wolf gave us the direction we needed to bring us to the next level. Without S&W it would have been a rough road to walk alone, it's great to have S&W on our team. Thanks Brian and co, we will be with you for a long time.

Jay Martin, 

*Woodsville Guaranty 
Savings Bank

"We are very pleased with the result that Sullivan & Wolf achieved for us," said Jan Carver, WGSB Marketing Manager. "Brian's skill with web site design has allowed us to feature more of the information that customers most want to find online, while offering it in a way that is both visually appealing and very easy to use." The Bank was first introduced to Sullivan & Wolf Design as a result of Brian and Donna's redesign of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce web site. The company was selected in its involvement in the local community as well as experience in site design for other financial institutions. "I was impressed with how unique each of their past website projects looked," continued Carver. "I knew they could deliver a site that looked and felt like us…and that's exactly what they did."

Jan Carver, 
Marketing Manager, 
Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank

Solidus Technical Solutions

And Brian Sullivan. Wow! What a guy. He worked so diligently to find out Solidus' needs, desires, dreams. He held up the banner of excellence when we went to the depth of our neurosis, in order to create a beautiful end product. We can not thank Brian enough for taking us through all those critical junctures. Left to our own devices, without Brian, we probably would have ended up with a very mediocre website.

Patricia Anderson, 
Regional VP, 
Solidus Technical Solutions

Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

You folks have gone "above & beyond" in helping us with the site. …We really enjoy working with you.

Claire E. Moorhead, 
Executive Director, 
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Alison Carey

The Sullivan and Wolf Design company is professional, expedient and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality and reasonably priced product.

Alison Carey

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