Our Advantages

Ten Good Reasons to Work With Us

We have worked hard since 1989 to put together a small, but, mighty graphic design/web development studio for you.

We are not looking for the Coca-Colas of the world, but for small businesses that want to be a player in their industry. Do yourself a favor and put the time in to your web site designer choice. Your company's financial future is on the line!

  1. Our rate is low, comparable to high end freelancers, but lower than most studios
  2. We are experienced, with hundreds of websites designed, and over 21 years in business, we've been here and we'll be around in the future. No disappearing acts
  3. Amazing State-of-the-Art coding. If you can dream it, we can probably do it. Custom solutions for your website's back-end is our claim to fame.
  4. We are efficient, from our experience, we get to the solution faster. We're not learning on your expense
  5. We clock in every time we work on your job and can provide full auditing of our time. No padding the bill and you only get charged for what we do
  6. We are flexible with our quality level, so that big companies and small operations can afford to get things done. As you grow, we can still service you
  7. We can handle both print and website design projects
  8. You can deal with us direct, by-passing a salesperson or if you need more assistance, our representatives can handle your needs
  9. We are modular, which means you can use us just for design, or just for production. We can fit into your team
  10. We are up front and honest!
An educated client is our best client.

Download our Web Design Team Checklist in Acrobat PDF and compare.

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